Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Last Steadfast McStaunch

Here is the last Steadfast McStaunch strip that appeared in Whizzer and Chips, after Denis Gifford had revived him as a human for 11 episodes. It first appeared in the first issue and this one comes from the first Christmas issue.

Over on his blog Kid posted the original artwork for this page. Click on the link below to see it:



  1. Thanks, George. I've nicked it for my blog, but you can use my pics of the original art here, if you like. Fair exchange is no robbery.

  2. Just in case you don't know yet, George (and assuming you're checking your blogs), there's a new Whizzer & Chips Annual for 2015 - it's all reprint 'though.

  3. Yes, I did see that. I probably wont be getting a copy though as it's exclusive to Sainsbury's.

  4. Don't you have friends or relatives in Britain who could acquire it for you?