Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We've had Watford Gapp, then we had had Hit Kid, previoulsy we had Jolly Roager vs. Skully Crossbones, and so, at last - it's Sweeny Toddler!

Sweeny was launched in Whoopee (at some point) and came over to Whizzer and Chips when the comic merged in 1985. The artist ever since the move was the incredible Tom Paterson, who always filled his pages with random stuff. What can you spot crammed into this story??

Sweeny Toddler story from Whizzer and Chips issue dated: 29th November 1986.

I tried to scan the whole comic but it didn't quite fit into my scanner...

Next character of the mont in one months time - that's 18th June 2011!