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2014 is the year Whizzer and Chips celebrates 45 fun-filled years. To celebrate, we want to know who are your top Whizzer and Chips characters, and at the end of the year we hope to find out who the most popular Whizzer and Chips character of all time is!

We want to know what your top three features in Whizzer and Chips are. If you could list in order of favour that would be more useful to our poll.

PLEASE NOTE: Your characters DO NOT have to be Whizzer and Chips originated characters, but need to have been published in Whizzer and Chips.

Anonymous votes are welcome.

So get those thinking caps on pals, and get voting! You can vote by either:

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  1. My Top 3 are...

    1. Store Wars
    2. Joker
    3. Shiner

  2. I was never a huge fan of Whizzer and Chips as it seemed to lack the edge of Wham, Smash, and Pow that it replaced, but from the years I read it I'd say my favourites were:

    1: Timothy Tester
    2: Steadfast McStaunch
    3: Minnie's Mixer

  3. Loved Whizzer and Chips!
    1. Joker
    2. Sweeney Toddler
    3. The Krazy Gang

  4. 1) Joker
    2) Sweeny Toddler....he is my number 1 in Whoopee!!
    3) Belinda Bewitched

  5. 1. Joker
    2 Sweet tooth
    3 Oddball

  6. 1. Shiner
    2 Superstore
    3 Oddball

  7. To be honest, I loved 'em all !