Latest Updates 03/05/2014

Yes, just one day after my last update mentioned on this page it's time for another. On the home page I've written a blog post covering Whizzer and Chips' merger into Buster in 1990, the saddest part of Whizzer and Chips' history. I'll probably upload this blog post onto the history page in due time, but for now you can find it here:

The last issue.

There have been lots of updates since I last posted on this page, the most important of which is the addition of a Whizzer and Chips annual gallery to the site! It includes not only a scan of the front cover of every annual, but also lists the number of pages and the price. It's surprising to see how quickly the price rose but the page count dropped. View the page by clicking on the link below, and it can also be found in the pages menu on the right ->

I am hoping to add a holiday specials gallery to the site as well, but I don't own all the specials and I am a bit reluctant to upload a gallery without complete information regarding page count and price. I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to update it, but who knows how long it will take me to find the elusive Whizzer and Chips Winter Special from 1989. Here's an image of the cover:

Also uploaded onto the site are two of the twenty Sweet Tooth Fruit Flavour Drops. Each packet of these sweets had a comic strip printed on the inside, and there were twenty in total. I'm yet to see the other 18, but here are the two I've got images of, plus an image of the outside wrapper:


No. 3

No. 11

I shall also mention the addition of one more page. I've uploaded a list of all the issues of Whizzer and Chips I've still to collect. This includes weekly issues, specials and comic libraries but not annuals, as I have them all. I received a bundle of 45 Whizzer and Chips comics today so have updated the list. The bundle includes the last issue of Whizzer and Chips, which I am pleased to finally own and look forwards to reading. The list can be found on the 'Issues Needed' page, here:

And to round up this lenghty entry here's the ebay photo of the 45 comics I recieved today. See if you can spot that last issue:

I don't update this page every time I make an update, even though I should! Today's update is a post about 'The Best Of Whizzer and Chips Monthly' comics. It's just a brief history of the comic - when it started, when it ended and why it ended.

I have another post planned for sometime soon, about Super Steve! Stay tuned!

Also, I know I promised that I'd start updating this site much more and it hasn't been hapenning. Sorry about that, hopefully I can turn things around and pick up the pace with this site. I'd really like to, but there can be no promises just yet.

Lots of exciting updates to announce today! First up, the biggest and most obvious - brand new design for the website! Here's the new logo, which I personally think looks brilliant and is without a doubt 100% better than the last on!

Two new pages have been introduced - Whizz-Kids and Chip-ites. Although you'll only find the work 'Whizzer' and the word 'Chips' on the appropriate page at the moment, I hope to fill the page with fan stuff and comic strips from the comics. Keep you eyes peeled...

I've also uploaded a check list so you can see which annuals have been covered in 'The History'. All the annuals should be briefly covered over the next two weeks.

Hopefully there will be a lot more updates over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

I've uploaded information about the 1971 Whizzer and Chips annual, and supplied a good number of pages. I hope the other annuals will follow soon.

Wow! There hasn't been many updates on this blog for a while! But today I succesfuly identified our mystery Hot Rod artist! It was Alf Saporito!

This has also been updated on 'The History' page!

Also updated on 'The History' page are the free gifts! I've added a few more treats up there for you to enjoy - including a Sweet Tooth wrapper!! (Yes - that's a real thing!)

Keep checking back for more updates!

Quite a lot has been added to this blog over the past month - including the 'pink' flyer that was given away in comics, Odd Ball's food in 1989 and a closer look at a Tom Paterson cover, on the home page!

I've also updated Odd Ball's character profile.

On 'The History' page I've added quite a few new free gifts, so be sure to check it out!

Today 5 new gifts have been posted! Well, four actually - plus the back of the gift from issue 2)!  From oldest first we have:
Flip Book back
Lunar Launcher and Splashdown Capsule
The Instand Disguise Kit
A Halloween Bat
Superjet Joke Camera

Also, later today I plan to update some infromation about Whizzer and Chips' first merge - with Knockout in 1973!

I am very excited about this! The first 3 free gifts that came with Whizzer and CHips issue's #1, #2 and #3 have been posted! What's more - this is, as far as I'm aware, the first time the issue 1 gift has been posted online so it's readable! These gifts have also been posted onto 'The History'.

I've also got some more information and scans on Whizzer and Chips logo's, this has also been updated in 'The History'.

A new character profile is up!! Beat Your nigbour this time, which came across to Whizzer and Chips from Knockout in the merge in 1973. Does anybody know who drew the weekly?

Fleetway Firsts (or Fleetway Origins as it's called on my other blog) is basically where I post up and write about the first ever comic strip for a character. I've posted up one for the Ossies, which began in Whizzer and Chips in 1988, illustrated by the brilliant Trevor Metcalfe!

MORE EXCITINGLY THOUGH - Character Profiles, or Character A - Z as I've named the page, is a new section on this site dedicated to writing summaries on each and every character Whizzer and Chips produced! Or at least list them with a picture or two! At the moment all I've written is Odd Ball which I've also posted onto the home page, but if you wish to find the A - Z page it's listed under 'The History'!

As you probably read on the home page I've added in a new page on the contents. It's called 'Lend a Hand' and it's anything I need help with or things like that. Currently there's a few comic strips from the first issue of Whizzer and Chips in there that I need help identifying the artists.

So far I'd like to thank Harry Rickard for identifying Terry Bave as the artist for 'Parker the Parky' and Niblet for confirming that Frank McDiarmid was the artist of 'The Spectacular Adventures of Willie Bunk'.

Here's the links to their sites (both of them are very good!):


Niblet's - a fantastic blog that goes into deep detail with Cheeky comic:

The comic strips that were on the 'Lend a Hand' page but have now being identified have been moved to the 'Comic Strips' page, and that will be the same from now on.

Incredible how time flies isn't it! It's almost being a year since my last update!! Well I'm sure you'll be glad to know I'm back, and hopefully this time I'm staying! Recently I've updated the history page - it's now crammed full of information! I've still got a lot to write yet though! I'll be updating more of the pages soon, but the history page is my centre of concentration at the moment! 

I understand that some of the images on this site aren't displaying correctly - I'll delete those and replace them where possible! :)

Hopefully I can bring you another update shortly!

WOW! It's been one whole month since we last updated this website! :O Anyway, I was going to add the Jolly Roadger Vs. Skully Crossbone to the "Comic strips" page but I deletd the post :/ - never mind, I'll just scan some stories from the 1984 annual and post them up onto it instead! I try to do it this weekend!

Thres a new start in our "Character of the month" part! This time it's the jam-packed Sweeny Toddler, by Tom Paterson! Come back for more crazy characters next month (or sooner, as I'll be uploading some comic strips onto the comic strips page!)

Apologies for the character of the month not been put up until now, but better late than never! This time it's the mid 70's Jolly Rodger v Skully Crossbones! Arrrr....... From the same artist who drew Hover Boors. His name has completely gone! Does anyone know? Next character is on th 18/05/2011

I hope you find the link to the first issue of Whizzer and Chips or sale useful.  

And finally, there are some Watford Gapp stories up on the comic strips page - 13 of them (lucky 13)! All of them can be enlarged, just click on the scan.

Hooray! It's April fools. Pinch, punch, first day of the month to all our readers! Enjoy the two Joker stories that have been listed, and don't forget, Easter is on the 24th! Come back then, or, if you don't want to wait that long, come on the 12th, for our next character of the month! Who could it be this time?

Also, our new comic strip page is up. Whenever the character of the month is changed or something like that, we will take any full comic strips from that page and put them on there to supply a bit of reading! If the same character is chosen two months in a row we will upload new comic strips for you to read! I've just added the first ever Minnies Mixer. Oh, and if you go onto the 1969 - 1990 page you can see the advertising flyers for isses 1 and 2. I'm not sure if there was one for issue 3.

Two more covers added to the covers page - 18th October 1969 (Issue 1) and 25th October 1969 (Issue 2).

And Finally - three more free gifts added to the gifts and supplements page - The gifts from 18th October 1969 (Issue 1), ?/?/1970 and 25th October 1969 (Issue 2). Enjoy!

The Free gift page is up! I'll be uploading an image of every free gift and supplement with the issue date it came with. It will probably take a long time, but I'm sure I'll manage it. Can you help me with any images? Email me:

10 Covers are now up for viewing on the covers page! Hooray!

On the main page you will have noticed that I have put up the results of two recent auctions on eBay. It inspired me to create a new page - the news page! I'll list any news such as those two auction results up there. Currently on the page is the results of two issues from 1969 - 15th and 22nd November!

Also, I've uploaded the first cover, 10th Jnauary 1976. I'll upload some more a.s.a.p. The reason it goes up to 1995 and not 1990 (when W+C folded) is because I will also upload the specials and annuals. Eventually. Please note, I will only include comics that are in my collection. Yes, I do have more than one isse. Many more!

Not to forget, come back here on April 1st (2 days!) for a special april fools celebration - Whizzer and Chips style!

Hi Whizz kids and Chip ites! Today I've added two more brilliant websites, Jack Ecward Oliver's (who sadly passed away in 2007) and Tony Husband's. Go to the bottom of the main page and click the links to visit them!

Today discoverd Rick Eades has 3 websites (I didn't know he had any!) Rick is a talented cartoonist inspired from Oink and Buster and (of course) W+C! http://www.rickeades.index.htm/ or Klank comic (reccomended): His other is a blog which you can access from his website!

Also, on the main page I wrote an article on Cracker. Please read it and contact me if you have any information. My email is still the same:

I am no longer scanning covers of Buster comics. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I wish to keep them in as good condition as possible. Seven of the ones I have from 1960 are in Near Mint!

WOW! Three updates in one day!

This months top character is Hit Kid, replacing Watford Gapp! The three stories you see scanned up are from the second issue of Whizzer and Chips monthly - December 1984. Oddly though, this issue doesn't have a christmas theme about it, unlike others from December of later years.

Who will be next month top character? Find out on the 12th April!

Oh! I almost forgot! Make sure you come back here on the 1st April to see a brilliant April fools special!

I recently recieved the first Whizzer and Chips monthly from November 1984. Like the other firsts (the annual and special), it has a yellow cover. It's something about yellow that goes with Whizzer and Chips...
Also, I've added Leo Baxendales website to the list. Not sure if he's done much on it recently though.

As promised, the Terry Bave page is up and running! Also, take a look at the Extra page, for info about other comics and news going around.
On a different note I found Andy Fanton's website on the net yesterday. Andy is responsible for BOO!, George vs. Dragon, the current Harry and his Hippo etc., so blame him! You can visit his website at: He also created Carrotty Kid! Visit the webpage at!

Tony's Trading ( and ( are now added to the website list! Remember to visit them!

Added some of my art. I hope to become a cartoonist when I leave school!

As I was saying in the previous post the Terry Bave page is under construction. It will be launched on the 10th March 2011, replacing the page by page of the 30th June 1973. I've also added a few more websites to the list at the bottom of the main page - make sure you visit them all!

I was talking to Terry Bave (yes, THE Terry Bave!) via email and I'm sorry to say that he burnt a lot of stuff when he moved house. Sorry Terry Bave fans! So, for Terry and all his fans, I will start a Terry Bave Page, watch this space for more!

Hi! I've just started the monthly charcters section, this time it's Watford Gapp! I also hope to start best comic - featuring page by page of Whizzer and Chips!

I recently bought some old Buster comics, so I now have 33 from 1960 - 1965. I would happily scan any cover images that you might want from that era. I have only one christmas issue, from 1960, which has already brought up some intrest! The first comic to be brought into the spotlight is a 1973 Whizzer and Chips with Knockout, the first issue.

Hope this website brings something of intrest!