Whizzer and Chips finished it's weekly comics in 1990, and this issue, although not the final one, was close to it and so sold for £1.20. It may not sound a lot but most individual Whizzer and Chips comics don't sell at all for any price.
The first Whizzer and Chips annual from 1971 seen below sold on eBay recently for £10.61.

The two Whizzer and Chips summer specials (right 1974, left 1972) here were sold by Phil-comics on eBay, both selling for £9.38

A Whizzer and Chips No.1 with it's rare free gift was lauched on eBay about 1 week ago. the comic and stckers were discribed as: New, never been used, no markings or scribbles. 19 bids later and the auction closed with a final bid of £166.75!That was a LOT more than I thought it would go for! Check it out HERE.

In additional news, a Whizzer and Chips free gift (no comic) from 1970 sold on eBay for £43.99! See image below.
The Whizzer and Chips comic above (22nd November 1969) sold for £5.50 on eBay, whereas the previous issue (15th November 1969) sold for £3.26 (see below). Both comics in good condition.

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