Tuesday, June 3, 2014

15th November 1975 (#315)

I can make no promises, and indeed I do doubt, that every single issue of Whizzer and Chips will receive an individual post on this blog; it would be nice, but I can't see it happening (at least, not any time soon). I did cover the first three issues in detail, writing a summary of every strip back in 2012 but each of these posts took 1 - 2 days to write and comics are made up of artwork as well as stories, which these posts sort of abandoned. Anyway, those posts are still up there but no more will be produced in that format, and this is, I hope, the first of many that will be in the more familiar format I use on my other blog. Anyway, on to the comic, and at first glance it does not appear to be a particularly significant issue so you might question as to why I chose it for this first post in a new format. Well, first of all it has a great competition for readers to win one of '200 Matchbox Action Toys'. Sid and Shiner were very excited about this, as they expressed in their letters to the readers.

And here is the page with all the details.

On to the strips, and there are two of particular interest in this comic, one in Whizzer and the other in Chips. We'll look at the one in Chips first, it being Pete's Pockets. Usually illustrated by Mike Lacey, it's possible this particular episode is drawn by a ghost artist. The reason it's interesting is because it features a visit from a Whizz Kid - Joker on an unofficial raid.

There is no mention of the raid on Joker's page.

The other strip of interest also features a crossover, this time from one Whizz Kid to another, when Odd Ball pays a visit to Timothy Tester (and Nobby also appears). The artist here is definitely Cliff Brown, and the strip is followed by an advert for Mickey Mouse comic.

Like with Joker's crossover, there is no mention of Odd Ball's visit to Timothy in his strip.

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  1. That Pete’s Pockets could possibly be by Jimmy Hansen. Possibly.