Sunday, December 1, 2013

Two Comics In One - Originality is Best

Over on my other blog Wacky Comics I've just published a post looking at the "Two In One" comics and asking myself why Shiver and Shake and Score 'n' Roar failed whilst Whizzer and Chips was a flying success.

It took me three days to write and research it so if you do read it I hope you like it. You can find the post here:


  1. Hi,
    good article.
    wondered if you can help me,
    I'm sure I remember a strip in whizzer and chips called 'Oil plant, spidey and midge' but can't find any pictures anywhere.May not have been W&C. Any help?

  2. I haven't heard of this strip - it's a very strange title. You should ask about it over on the General Comics Discussion on the Comics UK Forum. Here's a link:

    Good luck!