Saturday, May 25, 2013


Four comics merged into Whizzer and Chips during its 21 year run. The first, Knockout, merged in 1973. This was followed by Krazy in 1978, Whoopee in 1985 and Scouse Mouse in 1989. Three of these mergers were celebrated with a free gift, a joke book for Knockout, a poster for Krazy and a fun wallet for Scouse Mouse.

Knockout, and its gift:

Krazy, and its gift (part 1 of 3):


Scouse Mouse, and the assembly instructions for the fun wallet.

I don't have a photo of the fun wallet that came with Scouse Mouse, but it does look very similar to the quiz wallet given away in 1986:

If anybody can provide a scan of photo of the fun wallet I'd be very grateful!

FUN FACT! Three of the four merges occured in April, although none of them on the same week.


  1. I'm totally having a Proustian moment now! whizzer & Chips, whatta blast! Seeing these covers evokes wonderful memories of reading the comic, freshly purchased for me by my beloved Nanna, laid on my stomach in my grandparents' living room waiting for an awesome cooked breakfast on a Saturday morning in the mid-eighties....I stayed with W & C for a good few years but by 88', '89 I'd moved on to the headier and arguably more dangerous wares of 2000ad, it's invariably short-lived clones and-gasp-even AMERICAN COMICS!!! Oh the days when you could buy DC and Marvel comics at your local newsagent...actually, ANY comics at all!
    Thanks so much for invoking some amazing memories!

  2. Glad to have brought back some happy memories of this top class comic!