Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How much for... the last issue?

Recently over on eBay a seller listed an auction for a bundle of different comics from the final months of Whizzer and Chips. Most of the final issues were included, including the last one from 27th October 1990! There were eight comics in total, and the auction lot had a starting price of 99p. After 33 bids, the auction closed selling for £50!!! 

The issues included were:

11th August 1990
18th August 1990
25th August 1990
1st September 1990
29th September 1990
6th October 1990
13th October 1990
27th October 1990 - Final issue

The last issue is the one on the bottom row on the left hand side.


  1. Blimey! Who'd have thought it. I think my son might still have the last issue of Buster lying around somewhere...

    1. Buster's probably worth even more - given it's 40 year run!

      Comic prices never fail to amaze me :)