Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good News Chums!

No, don't worry. Unlike when that strapline was printed in comics, this blog isn't going anywhere. In fact, this is very good news! I'm currently updating 'The History' page of this site over on the right hand side ->  I'm also adding in new images, many unseen on the internet before (probably)! The information is very detailed, I'm trying to put as much information as possible - I'm still on 1969, with a small amount of information written for 1970 and 1971! 

Any text that is in red font means that the facts are not certain or I am unsure who drew it etc. Any information would be very helpful! You can email me at

Enjoy, and if you use the information or images (which you are free to do) please link back to this site!

- George

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