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Issue No. 1 - 18th October 1969

Date: 18th October 1969

Price: 6D

Free Gift: Twelve Super Stickers!


Pg. 1 - Cover, ad for free gift, Full Page, Full Colour
Pg. 2 - Welcome message, and advert for next week's free gift, Full Page, Black and White

Pg. 3 - Me and my Shadow - Terry Bave, Full Page, Black and White

Here's A Comedy You'll Enjoy - Without A Shadow Of Doubt!
In the first episode of 'Me and My Shadow', we meet a young boy called Smudger Smith who, just like everyone else, has a shadow. The only difference is - his is alive! Smudger goes for a midnight feast, but his shadow beat him too it. In fact, his shadow beats him to everything - except for having a bath (turns out "shadows don't need baths")! But, when his shadow is running away, he slips on a bar of soap and lands in the water barrel!

Number of Panels: 12

Pg. 4 - Odd Ball - Mike Lacey, One Page, Black, White and Red
Like Out Little Lad -- You've Never Seen Anything To Compare With..!
In the first Odd Ball strip, we see two spring-heeled inhabitants of the planet Bounco enjoying a popular ball game, when suddenly one of them kicks it out of the planet's orbit and straight (well, via an astronaught about to take a walk) into the middle of Nobby Noodle's football match! Nobby is a top goalkeeper, and hasn't let a single goal in all day, but when Odd Ball comes he catches that instead of the real ball! Fortunatly for Nobby, Odd Ball is no ordinary ball, and punches the other ball away!

Number of Panels: 12 
Pg. 5 - Little Saver - Terry Bave, Full Page, Black and White
Meet Susie... She Collects Anything, And Everything!
Susie, or Little Saver as we know her, loves collecting stuff. She'd collect anything, from bottle tops to flowers, you name it - she'll collect it! In this strip her mum asks her that if she must collect something, it musn't be put into her wardrobe! At tea time mum asks her what she collected, and she replies... "MOTHS! And I didn't put them in my wardrobe, Mum! I put them in yours!" And as she opens the wardrobe door all the moths fly away from the half eaten clothes within!

Number of Panels: 12
Pg. 6 - Kings of the Castle - Mike Western Full Page, Black and White

Pg. 7 -  Kings of the Castle (cont.) - Mike Western Full Page, Black and White

An Amazing Chance Of Fortune Crowned Everything For The Kings!
Kings of the Castle is about a poor family living in London, but their lives all turn around one day when a solicitor turns up with some good news! Their distant relative - Mr. MacGregor passed away, and left a Scottish castle for them, under the condition they live there permanently!

Number of Panels: 15
Pg. 8 - Give A Dog A Bone - Graham Allen, Full Page, Black, White and Red

There's Always A "Hole" Lot Of Trouble When This Pooch Gets Busy!
In this strip the unnamed pooch digs a really deep hole to bury his bone so that no-one can find it! But, he buried it outside a prison, and a convict is digging an escape hole, which comes up right under Pooch's bone! When he see's his bone coming up out of the ground he jumps on it, and lands on the prisoner! The force makes the prisoner roll back down his tunnel and into the cell! But poor pooch doesn't get rewarded, instead the guards think he was digging a tunnel into the prison!

Number of Panels: 12

Pg. 9 - Sid's Snake - Mike Lacey, Full Page, Black and White

Sid scares off Slippy when he begins to play some snake charming music, but instead that scares him off and he slithers outside! Sid runs after him, and see's Slippy wrapped around Dad's waist, thinking he is crushing him! So Sid plays some more of his snake charming music, which once again scares Slippy away! But he wasn't strangelling Dad, instead Dad was using him as a belt!

Number of Panels: 8

Pg. 10 - Space School - Mike Higgs, Full Page, Black and White

In the first strip all of the pupils introduce themselves, and are instantly planning to try and get rid of Mr. McWhack - the teacher! So the pupils build a rocket, and get teacher to go inside, and once he;s in they launch him into orbit! Unfortunatly for them, it doesn't quite work, and the rocket does a loop the loop before crashing back where it started, with an angry teacher inside!

Number of Panels: 12

Pg. 11 - Batty Bat - Reg Parlett, 1/3 Page (vertically), Black and White
A Double Helping of Humour...Laughter All The Way!
Batty Bat is a bat who just can't win! When there is no room on the Belfry for him too sleep, he must find somewhere else - so he tries the bell itself! But, as he is about to fall asleep - it starts ringing - woth him inside!

Number of Panels: 4
Pg. 11 - Angel Face and Dare Devil - Mike Lacey, 2/3 Page (shared with Batty Bat), Black and White

A Double Helping of Humour...Laughter All The Way!
Angel Face and Dare Devil are always trying to get their way, but it never works out for either of them! In this strip, Dare Devil want's to pinch some apples, whereas Angel Face insits he buys them. But in the end it's neither, because the store is all sold out when they finish arguing!

Number of Panels: 8 

Pg. 12 - Puddin' Tops - Terry Bave, Half Page (horizontally), Black, White and Red
They're Two Of A Kind...Laughter Is Just Kid's Stuff For..!
In this strip a kid is boasting about the strenght of his new watch - it's waterproof, shockproof and even dustproof! The only thing it isn't is Puddin' Top proof!

Number of Panels: 6
Pg. 12 - Karate Kid - Terry Bave, Half Page (shared with Puddin' Tops), Black, White and Red
You Likee Fun, Yes? Here'a A Comic Feast, From A Lad From The East!
A Gorilla has escaped from the zoo, and it's up to Karate Kid to save the day! He faces the ape and tells him o copy - so he chops a tree, and the gorilla chops a lampost - which lands right on top of his head! Karate Kid is, of course, offered a large reward!

Number of Panels: 7

Pg. 13 - Ginger's Tum - Terry Bave, Full Page, Black and White
Here's A Cat With An Appetite For Food...And Fun!
In this strip Ginger is, as usual, starving, and when he walks past a fish restaurant spots a fish pie by an open window! But when he leans in to grab the food the window slams down on him! The chef asks him if he wants a slap up feed, but gives him a slap up unstead - with a giant haddock! But the slap knocks him onto a woman walking past, and she spills her shopping, and the sausages land right in Ginger's mouth!

Number of Panels: 12
Pg. 14 - Parker the Parky - Terry Bave, Full Page, Black and White
This Is The Place For Fun...A Play Park!
In this strip Parker doesn't want the kids to play football as he's scared they'll smash his greenhouses! But in the end he has a soft spot - and lets them play on a marsh (without telling them i's a marsh)! But, he also forgets it's a marsh, and slips whilst on his roller - and crashes right into his greenhouses!

Number of Panels: 13
Pg. 15 - Harry's Haunted House - Reg Parlett, Full Page, Black and White
Whooooooooo...Here's A Laugh For You! Welcome To..!
In this episode we are introduced to Harry, who has lived in his old abandoned house for years! But one day, he spots a Sold sign outside the front door, and before he knows it some people are moving in! But he's having none of it - and scares away the new tenants and removal men!

Number of Panels: 14
Pg. 16 - The Space Accident - Ron Tyrner, Full Page, Black, White and Red
Pg. 17 - The Space Accident (cont.) - Ron Tyrner, Full Page, Black, White and Red
Two Brave Boys Face Untold Danger From Visitors From Space!
Whilst fishing John Ward and David Lewis see what they thing is a massive shooting starin the sky. But when it crashes not far from where they are they realise it's actually a giant space-ship! Inside, they find some eggs, which quickly hatch and ducklings waddle out. John follows them to the river, where they suddenly grow bigger and bigger and start advancing on him...!

Number of Panels: 13
Pg. 28 - Hetty's Horoscope - Terry Bave, Full Page, Black and White
The Fortunes Of This Mischievous Miss Are Always In Doubt!
Hetty's horoscope for this week tells here that toady will be a good day for solving problems! So she tries to prove it right, as when she hears someone moaning that it's a problem to take their baby for a walk around the pond every morining, Hetty instantly jumps in to help! But when she returns she discovers it wasn' the baby she was moaning about, but her dog! After that incident she'll be late for school, but to her delight when she gets there the heating isn't working so she can go home. But then she runs into the teacher, literally, and makes her drop here books. As a punishment she gets lots of puzzles for homework!

Number of Panels: 12
Pg. 19 - Wear 'Em Out Wilf - Mike Lacey, Full Page, Black and White
Meet Wilf...He Wears Out Everything Except A Welcome!
At the start of this strip Wilf wears out his first thing - a pair of brand new trousers! That is the limit for his mum, so she knits him a pair of steel wool trousers, which he definatly won't wear out! But, when they go to rich Miss Goldpurse's house he wears out her very valuable antique chair thanks to his steel trousers! But, luckily for him it's where her rich old Grand-dad hid his fortune, and she is more than happy! And Wilf of course, gets a share of the reward!

Number of Panels: 12
Pg. 20 - The Spectacular Adventures of Willie Bunk - Frank McDiarmid, Full Page, Black and White
Pg. 21 -  The Spectacular Adventures of Willie Bunk (cont.) - Frank McDiarmid, Full Page, Black, White and Red

Poor Willie Bunk is always being bullied, but one day during a chase he falls thrpugh a trapdoor and into the house on an old optician. When he hears about Willie being bullied because of his glasses he offers him a very special new pair - a pair that would change Willie's life forever! Then, when he is being chased again, he rubs his glasses and suddenly see's his bike as a horse, and an old pole as a joust - which help him defeat the bullies!

Number of Panels: 21
Pg. 22 - Aqua Lad - Terry Bave, Full Page, Black and White
Have A Laugh On...And Under...The Ocean Waves With..!
In this episode Aqua Lad is diving hoping to catch a fish, but when he does a much, much larger fish (the tiddler's mum, in fact) comes to save him! Trying to escape, Aqua Lad swims up and towards the shors, but is grabbed by a seagull thinking he is an eel! He then throws him back, where the big fish is waiting for him, and whacks him all the way to shore and into a pole!

Number of Panels: 11
 Pg. 23 - Steadfast McStaunch - Dennis Gifford, Full Page, Black and White
Puzzle Things Out For This Comical Character!
After failing to be a good comedian, Steadfast McStaunch suddenly remembers the answer to his joke, which is also the answer to the coded message sent to the king by the Wicked Witch Hazel! But, because the king thinks he solved the letter he announces him as the smartest citizen, and sends him off on a journey to get to the other side and defeat the wicked witch!

Number of Panels: 9
Pg. 24 - Hot Rod, Alf Saporito, Full Page, Full Colour
You'll Warm To The Antics Of This Fiery Dragon Of Old!
In this strip Hot Rod attacks a village, when he see's a knight in shining armour who he thinks is there to fight him! He breaths all his fire onto the knight, even until his lance is burnt! Then, when he is gone, a monk runs out from behind a tree and opens the suit of armour - and pulls out a freshly bakes pie!

Number of Panels: 12

Pg. 25 - The Mummy's Curse - Reg Parlett, Full Page, Black, White and Red
Crazy Comedy In The Desert! There's No Escape From..!
Professor Effend ans his assistant discovered a new tomb in Egypt, but there is a curse for whoever opens it! However, the mummy inside really can't be bothered haunting the two forever, so agrres that if they close the door quickly he'll forget the whole incident. Abdul slams the door shut - but trapping the professor inside! Thinking the professor left, Abdul leaves, but the professor starts jumping around trying to escapw - and breaks the coffin! Now they are stuck with a mummy trailing them for the rest of their lives!

Number of Panels: 12
Pg. 26 - The "Stealer" - Tom Kerr, Full Page, Black and White
Pg. 27 - The "Stealer" (cont.) - Tom Kerr, Full Page, Black and White
Thrills And Fun Inspired By The World's Most Innocent Master-Mind!
Professor Clueless has a dream to explore the outer reaches of the universe, but for now they have a down-to-earth problem - they haven't a single scrap of food in the larder! But, without any money they can't buy any food either, so they must get food for free! So the professor gives his assistant a device that makes all wheels dissapear to help him escape! So, when he has the food all loaded up on his sledge (he coudn't use a bike or the wheels would vanish), he makes a run for it. The cops start chasing him and it's now time to see if the prof's device works!

Number of Panels: 14
Pg. 28 - Fred's Family Tree - Artist Unknown, Full Page, Black and White
There's A Branch Of The Family On Every Limb Of..!
The council don't like the giant tree in the middle of the estate, becasue it blocks the view of the gasworks! And so begins the job of the long suffering Charlie and Bert, who's mission it is to chop down that tree! But Fred won't have it, because it's his family tree! But they don't care, and Charlie begins to climb the ladder, but at the top, he meets some of Fred's family, a bunch of Vikings who begin chopping his ladder to tiny pieces! When they crash at the bottom, they both decide they're going on holiday!

Number of Panels: 12
Pg. 29 - Slowcoach - Mike Lacey, Full Page, Black, White and Red
The Most Unusual Things Can Happen On The Way To School!
On the way too school Slowcoach comes across an old lamp, and when he opens it a genie jumps out and grants him a wish! He wishes for his school to be closer, and so the genie digs his pick axe into the road and pulls it, but that doesn't work! He then straightens up the road so it goes right through Slowcoach's classroom!

Number of Panels: 12
Pg. 30 - The Champ - Leo Baxendale - Full Page, Black and White
He's A Champ... Or A Chump...As You'll Soon See, Pals!
Champ wishes to become a champion sack racer, and so grabs a sack and gets practising! But he accidentally jumps over someones new cement, and soon is being chased! He hides next to a pile of coal sacks, but is actually mistaken for one and is emptied out into the coal bin! A young boy named Derek is sent out to get some coal, but is terrified when he sees a monster (actually, it's Champ) in the container! Champ then gets the slipper for scaring him, and so becomes a whack racer, not a sack racer!

Number of Panels: 10
Pg. 31 - KooKoo Klub - Denis Gifford, Full Page, Black and White
Have A Laugh ... And Win Some Pocket-Money!
KooKoo Klub is a page of one box cartoon gags by Denis Gifford, and if you send in a joke and it gets published you can win £1!

Number of Panels: 9
Pg. 32 - Minnie's Mixer - Angel Nadal Quirch, Full Page, Full Colour
Things Are Never Quite The Same, Once Minnie Has Passed By!
A bunch of houses are being demolished, including one that belonged to an old inventor. Once Minnie goes to see whats there, she finds an old mixer! She aims it at a dog standing next to a zebra crossing pole, and the two of them mix together! She then unmixes them, but one of the dog'sspots remains on the pole! She then sees a man painting a wall, and mixes him up with his ladder! When she unmixes him his moustache is now his painting brush!

Number of Panels: 12 

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